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About the Founder

Kathryn Koch-Villoresi serves as President and Director of "A Time For Rest" - Clergy Respite Ministry. She and her husband Rick have many years of experience in retail and business management, church leadership, and both have served in various community activities. Kathryn worked as a social worker for Goodwill Industries for many years, and also was a Pastor's wife for 20 years. Her hobbies include singing, interior decorating and anything Victorian! Kathryn is also the founder and director of Clara's House Maternity Shepherding Home ministry. Her husband, Rick serves in ministry as well and his hobbies include carpentry, construction and clowning.

A Note From the Founder

I was blessed to have grown up in a loving home where God, church, and family were important. We found ways to serve others in our community and in our church. As I grew older, it was always in my heart to try to make a difference in someone's life. God gave me this desire and later gave me some spiritual gifts to fulfill this, including hospitality, leadership and mercy.

In 2000, I started a ministry to help women who were pregnant and homeless by opening up my home to them. God has greatly blessed this ministry! Then, in 2008, the Lord laid it on my heart to start a new for pastors and missionaries. This desire came from my own personal experience of having once been in pastoral ministry as a pastor's wife. Ministry can be very hard at times and we all need a place to rest and unwind, and then go back out into the world to minister again. It is my prayer that "A Time For Rest" will help you deepen your relationship with the Lord.


Our Sister Ministry: Clara's House

Clara's House Maternity Shepherding Home is a part of Clara's House, Inc. which holds a 501c3 not-for-profit status. Clara's House, Inc. started in 2000 in Pennsylvania and serves the needs of girls/women facing unplanned and/or crisis pregnancies who are temporarily homeless. Please visit our website to learn about this vital ministry.

A Tribute to Clara

This tribute story is about my great-grandmother, Clara. For the sake of time and space please go to the sister-ministry, Clara's House, to read about Clara.  Read about how Clara's House got started and then come back to this tribute story!

Hopefully, you have read about my great-grandmother, Clara, and now have an understanding of her influence on my life.  As you have read, Clara was a prominent businesswoman, running several businesses in her time.  I remember how she and her husband would ship-in Christmas trees from Canada to sell. I remember the building on their property where they made and sold home-made ice cream. (I often wondered what happened to that family recipe.)  I remember the tenants they had in their large Victorian home. I remember the huge third floor, "Lodge Hall," where they hosted political and civic organization meetings. I remember hearing the stories about the whole Lafayette Football team stopping by their home for meals. And I remember the stories about how great a cook MomMom was and how she was a great hostess. She may not have realized that she had gifts of administration, business, and hospitality, but she did! Even though I "experienced" and knew MomMom when she was in her eighties, nineties, and into the 100 mark, I knew she had an amazing and fascinating life. (I'm sure there were hard times as well, though.)  I believe that God has given me gifts and desires that my great-grandmother had.  I see so many character similarities between her and me.  I believe that being so active in her life at my early age has caused this to happen. It is my hope to honor her, not necessarily idolize her.  She had her faults, and I surely have mine!

So how did A Time For Rest come about?  It wasn't through an earth-shattering dream like Clara's House, but it has been through the work that has been done with Clara's House and its relation to my great-grandmother.  Actually, I look at it as a "continuation" of Clara's House, not something totally new.  Both ministries are what I call "hospitality ministries." They help two different kinds of people in need, but they still have the same purpose—giving rest—and supplying a home to give the "rest" to.  Remember the phrase "Children Looking For A Rest Area" that was in my dream?  It's close to an acronym for C-L-A-R-A. We are all children in God's eyes, and we all need rest at some point in our lives or to get us through a crisis. In essence, Clara's House and A Time For Rest, is "a house of rest"—a house where children (no matter what age) are looking for a rest area (a place to rest).  The Lord gave me the ministry vision for A Time For Rest around 2008.  Since I was in pastoral ministry for 20 years, I knew firsthand the needs for a pastor and his or her family.  I could have used this ministry myself a few times over these years!

The Lord tells us that He has great plans for our lives.  He knows all about us—our strengths and weaknesses.  He knows what spiritual gifts and ministry gifts to give us. He knows who to put into our lives to get us to develop our gifts and teach us by word and example. I believe God put me in this family to be the great-granddaughter of Clara. I have taken her example and used my knowledge and gifts for God's glory.  I don't believe that we can look down from Heaven to Earth, but if we could, I hope MomMom is smiling and is proud of me!

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Please make checks payable to:

Clara's House, Inc.
811 Rte 115
Saylorsburg, PA  18353

(570) 383-3050 office
(570)766-9525 mobile

Beliefs & Policies

1. We accept guests who serve as clergy or as missionaries (whether home or abroad) or guests that have retired from these positions.

2. Be careful and courteous in the home. Remember, after you leave, another clergy person will be using the home. Please keep the home clean. If you damage or break something, do the right thing. Repair or replace it. Remember the commandment, do not steal.

3. For the health and comfort of our guests--no pets, no smoking, no alcohol permitted.

4. Reservations are required.

5. We reserve the right to ask guests to leave under certain circumstances.

6. We ask that each guest show some proof that they are/were in ministry.

7. We believe in the sanctity of marriage only between a husband and wife.

 8. Married couples will share a room; single guests receive separate rooms.