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Ministry Update January 2014

Ministry Update January 2014

Dear Friends of the Ministry,

Firstly, we were able to minister to Geraldine.Geraldine was 60 years old when she came to stay. Her stay here lasted about 5 weeks. During that time the Lord opened her eyes, and her spirit, to some things in her life.She was contemplating a new relationship with a man or going into a music ministry. Many days she stayed in her room praying and reading Scripture and then spent many hours playing my piano!God gave her over 150 songs (music and lyrics), many of which I got to hear!

Secondly, we were able to minister to Ellen, who was also at the age of 60.At one point in time Ellen was living in Florida running a spirit-filled ministry called, Power, Praise, and Prophecy.After coming to live in Pa. she had new decisions to make about her ministry, to continue or to end.This “place of rest” helped her to do that.

Thirdly, we were able to minister to Vickie.Vickie was always volunteering on mission trips overseas, but was wrestling with a very difficult marriage in between those trips.She needed a place to stay to rest and seek God.

And, fourthly, we have been ministering to Debbie.This is an amazing story, friends!
 I first met Debbie about 2 years ago when I hosted my annual Valentine’s Day Victorian party* for single women.Debbie was one of my guests, but unfortunately, I lost touch with her afterwards.Six months ago I heard that she had been diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung cancer and had been living in a hospital and rehab center for close to one year. Then, 4 months ago I learned that while in the rehab God miraculously healed her.According to Debbie’s story, she was given a death sentence by her doctor.She gave up everything: her car, apartment, dog, finances, and job.She went into the hospital to die.
 But God-----had other plans!! Debbie had been a Christian and knew that only God could do the miracle. She went through chemo, radiation, and three surgeries in one year.
 And, now, the doctors say she is cancer-free! Imagine that!From a mutual friend I had learned that Debbie was going to be released from the hospital and had nowhere to live.I felt a very strong prompting from the Lord to take her in, here at “A Time For Rest.” I knew her body and spirit needed a special place to heal, rest, and get restored.When I finally got to speak to Debbie she told me that the Lord told her that I would call and offer her a place to stay.How awesome is the Lord to confirm things! As of this writing Debbie has been here for three months.Her body is slowly healing from her ordeal. She spends hours in prayer and worship. I believe God is giving her an awesome ministry and work to do.He spared and healed her for a special purpose!

*A wonderful annual event on Valentine’s Day just for single women done with a Victorian flair!