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How Individuals and Churches Can Help

There are many ways that you and your church can help! Please remember that this is a not-for-profit ministry and your help is vital!

Firstly, remember to Pray! Lift us up in prayer as we serve your pastors. Pray for our board, our financial needs, and for wisdom in making decisions.

Secondly, remember our Financial Needs. We are offering this ministry to pastors and missionaries at a very discounted basis. The clergy donation we ask for does not cover the expenses of maintaining the home. If you or your church could make a donation to help us we would be most grateful. Consider covering the cost on behalf of your pastor to give him/her a free respite night.

Thirdly, you can help through Volunteering! Volunteers are always welcome! whether it's just a few hours, an entire day, or longer! Please give us a call to see what our current volunteer needs are.

Thank You

Dear Pastor, Dear Missionary...

You are very special to us. You are the reason for this ministry. We are here to serve you as you serve Christ.   

Blessings, Kathryn & Rick

Contact | Donate

Please make checks payable to:

Clara's House, Inc.
811 Rte 115
Saylorsburg, PA  18353

(570) 383-3050 office
(570)766-9525 mobile