What is the length of stay?

The length of stay will be on an individual basis and according to availability. Some pastors require only one or two nights, others may need a week, and some missionaries may need a few months.


It is with joy that we welcome you into our home. We pray you will feel the presence of the Lord just walking through the front door.


It is our goal to offer you a relaxing place to come visit. A place where you won‘t be interrupted by phone calls, busy schedules, and deadlines! ...a place where God can speak to you, renew your faith, and if applicable, spend quality time with your spouse.


Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania is a small village 20 minutes from Stroudsburg. Saylorsburg is just minutes off of Route 33.

The house is located at 811 Rte 115 (see map below) We have a historic barn that dates back to 1870's and the home was built in 1881. There are 3 acres of a beautiful hill to enjoy. In the 1800s and early 1900s it was a working farm.

Within walking distance, there are two very nice country shops.

Available for Use

When Available

Who can come?

Reservations are currently available only for clergypeople, their spouses, or missionaries currently serving or retired (you must show proof that you are/were in ministry. A letter from your church will suffice). This ministry is not open to the general public. Our ministry is also here to help provide housing to missionaries on home assignment so they can rest before going back overseas to their mission field. It is also available for guest speakers at nearby churches for pulpit supply needs.

What is the cost?

We pray that you carefully consider this. You will be staying in a private, two bedroom, furnished home. You need only to bring your food and any personal items. Since we are a Christian ministry (not a business), we ask for a donation of $50 per night if staying for less than one week. If you are a missionary needing a housing arrangement, we will be happy to discuss that via phone.

Reservations are required. 

“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.”

Our ministry is based on Ecclesiastes 3:1-13.